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Mining machine supply and demand information

蚂蚁矿机T17+ 深圳现货全新蚂蚁T17+ 58T 50台

2020-07-09 发布 10317Views

Price: 6220.00元

Fineness: 全新

Area: 中国-广东-深圳

Contact person: 林先生 Sign in Sign in

Declare: (^_^)When contacting, tell me that I saw this message at LBU


Detailed description

芯动A10 pro 5G 
现货T17+ 58/64T    
现货s19 95T  
现货T19 84T  
七月s19 pro 110T  
现货s17+ 76T  
M31s 44w  74/78T  
M31s 48w  66/68/70T   
M32  56w   62T    
M32  54w   62T    
M32  52w   66T    
M32  50w   66/68T    
现货z15 420k  
7/8/9月份发货z15 420k  
二手s9i 14T带官电 
二手T2T 30T 
二手M21s 56T  
二手s17 53/56/59T   

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